Ski touring

Ski touring is certainly the ultimate winter mountain experience. As equipment has improved and become lighter, touring is now accessible to everyone. There are countless tour options, depending on you level of fitness, skiing skills, and mood of the moment !

Ski touring is a perfect means to be into the wildnerness and serenity of the mountains before skiing down a powder slope all alone. “Climbing skins”, attached under the skis, allow the skier to walk up to the top. They are then removed for the descent. Touring bindings are also specially designed for both walking and skiing. (The equipment is available for rent in ski shops). This frees the skier from the limits of ski lifts.

After a pleasant climb (20 minutes to several hours) in breathtaking scenery, a magnificent run awaits you and your friends or family. It’s an unforgettable experience.

Group outings (price per person)

Due to the current situation, skitouring group outings are no longer available for the moment. We recommend you take a look at our private guding offers. Thank you for your comprehension. 

Private guiding (price per group)

One of our mountain guides, exclusively booked by you or your group, will guide your party for a great day of ski touring. This is the better option if you are a good to excellent skier.

Ski touring day

From 90,00 

I dream of putting on skins to get off the beaten path !

Yes, escaping from the daily routine is possible!

For a long time alpine skiing has been the king of mountain winter sports. But, we must admit, ski touring is the best method for reaching the most isolated spots, and the most secret. You will be quickly seduced by the spirit of “discovery”, by the savage beauty of the wild spaces, which it allows us to access. Certainly, ski touring requires “effort” and “stretching your limits” but it is well rewarded with untracked skiing, a generous quota of unspoilt nature and the strong emotions of discovering new places.

Obviously, freedom should not mean the absence of safety!
Whenever you say “natural environment” there is some risk involved. A certain amount of knowledge is required, and we would go even further and say that some “familiarity” with the surroundings are needed to judge the level of risk on a given route. The practice of ski touring requires, among other skills, a minimum of technique in order to reach the summits safely. If you have any doubt in your abilities, hiring a mountain guide is simply the best solution.

Our valley, a vast area, is also spectacular and it is perfectly adapted to this sport: It is simply waiting to be discovered… by you!

Ski level required : black piste