Off-piste skiing (Freeriding)

Freeriding is a very attractive winter activity for the ski lovers.

For your safety, we advise skiing with an IFMGA qualified mountain guide. His experience and knowledge will safely bring you to untracked powder fields. The 3 Valleys offers a unique choice of runs of every difficulty, to please each and every skier.

Laying down first tracks on virgin snow brings a great feeling of liberty and pleasure.

We offer 1/2 days outings, group outings, or private guided skiing. Our guides provide safety equipment (transceiver, shovel, probe).

Group outings (price per person)

Want to join a group of other skiers for a day of freeriding with one of our guides ? Sign up for a group outing ! One of our guides will lead the group to fresh snow !

Joining a group outing allows you to enjoy the experience of ski touring in the 3 Valleys at the best possible price. However, please note that various levels of ski may be found in the group and that the experience may not be as intense as when hiring a private guide.

Attention: groups will be organized with skiers exclusively or snowboarders (splitboards) exclusively but we will not organize mixed groups ski-snowboards. Thank you.

Backcountry group outing


I will join a group to discover the local “secret spots”, all day long !

To allow you to discover the off-piste routes of the 3 Valleys in small groups. Beyond the well-known classics, which are varied and beautiful, each guide has developed his own secret garden: a private reserve that he will share with you.

If you have faith, you may be drawn to the la Combe cure or le Couloir du Cure, or head over to the Saint-Pères… Elsewhere, the fresh snow of the Dou des Lanches , will without doubt soften your look. If you are on fire, you can cool down in the Rocher de l’Ombre! The Encombres are rarely busy and no one has ever cried “wolf!” while skiing the run of that name. If you are itchy, we can take a tour by the Gratte! Some will say that the Brequin is not so bad as all that, or that the fruit lacks flavour. You like to stay connected? We can ski the couloir de l’Antenne… And finally, if you lack imagination, we propose the Combe Sans nom: you will not be disappointed.

You will have understood, that whether your guide is an expert in word games (or not!) he will be sure to accompany you on runs safely and with enthusiasm, for a carefully prescribed “pleasure” cocktail. Some advice to improve your technique; training in the use of the safety equipment (Beacon, shovel, probe) and in responsible behaviour in the mountains; these will all be an important part of the experience.

Activity every tuesday and thursday from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Guaranteed departure from 3 persons, or 2 pers with overcost.

Ski level required : off-piste experience mandatory

Private guiding (price per group)

One of our mountain guides, exclusively booked by you or your group, will guide your party for a great day of freeriding. This is the better option if you are a good to excellent skier.

Backcountry ski day

From 90,00 

Good slopes, good food: a good programme… Why not for me too?

Ski off-piste + 3 Valleys = 2 reasons to explore this exceptional resort!
With the Meribel guides, off-piste touring, and the classic routes of Bellevilles, Meribel or Courchevel.

After a great morning spent skiing secret slopes where we leave our tracks far from everything, a delicious meal, in a carefully chosen venue, will reinvigorate us. The return to Meribel in the afternoon will be far off the beaten track.
The purest skiing pleasure awaits us! And, if you are a little apprehensive, we can help you to adapt and improve to overcome this feeling.
We might walk for half an hour (more or less!) to discover a more remote valley where the skiing is better.

In Practice: This ski off-piste day is offered to all skiers of class 3 ability and above with wider skis adapted to powder. Before setting off, your guide will provide the necessary safety gear: the indispensable trio of “shovel, probe and avalanche beacon”. You should bring a small backpack with a bottle of water and snacks. We can lend you a backpack if needed.

Ski level required : black slope.

Half-day backcountry

From 65,00 

I want to enjoy a half-day off, leaving the pistes of Meribel far behind !

Welcome to Meribel and the 3 Valleys! Take advantage of the experience and the expertise of a licensed mountain guide to discover new sensations for half a day. You can choose whatever you like from the following activities: ski touring, off-piste skiing, exploring the 3 Valleys…
You will learn and improve in safety in a gorgeous setting. Discover the magic of the mountains at your own pace. You can enjoy this time alone, or with friends or family. A real pleasure, a well deserved treat.

In Practice : You will meet at 9:00 am or 1:00 pm at the agreed meeting place. You will ski until 12:30 or 4:30 pm.
A minimum level of ability on piste is required, your guide will adapt to your level on the day. Every day from 9h00 am to 6h30 pm or from 1h00 pm to 4h30 pm

Required ski level : black slope.