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Backcountry group outing

Want to join a group of other skiers for a day of freeriding with one of our guides ? Sign up for a group outing ! One of our guides will lead the group to fresh snow ! 

Joining a group outing allows you to enjoy the experience of ski touring in the 3 Valleys at the best possible price. However, please note that various levels of ski may be found in the group and that the experience may not be as intense as when hiring a private guide.

Attention: groups will be organized with skiers exclusively or snowboarders (splitboards) exclusively but we will not organize mixed groups ski-snowboards. Thank you.

Ski touring group outing

I would like to try off-piste and touring but I would like a “little” walking and a “lot” of skiing (30mn to  1h hikking) !

The 3 Valleys offers a vast playground of on-piste skiing, but there are also many remote areas that can only be reached by ski touring. From the top of the lifts, we leave the pistes behind and stick on our skins to explore further. 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes of moderate effort are enough to reach fabulous, calm and remote areas where we can make tracks at our own rhythm, far from the agitation of the pistes.

This formula is intended for skiers with an ability of class 3 and above who want to try touring, or those who have some experience but who would like to join a group to share their enthusiasm and learn more. This group outing is organised by the Meribel bureau des guides every Wednesday and Friday for 3 participants or more. To ensure the best service, we limit the groups to 6 persons per guide. You can easily rent modern touring gear in Meribel (wide touring skis + skins + knives). Tell us in advance if we need to provide safety equipment.

In practice : We will meet at 9:15 am at the Chaudanne where we will check safety equipment (Beacon, shovel, probe), which the guide can supply if you do not have it all. Depending on the snow and weather conditions, the guide will choose the best sector to explore to ensure that this tour will be a success. In the early afternoon a picnic, or a quick meal in a restaurant, will provide a well-earned pause. The return to Meribel will be more relaxed, on or off-piste, depending on the state of the troops. We should arrive back at Meribel around 4:00 to 4:30 pm.

Every Wednesday and Friday from 09h30 am to 4h30 pm

Guaranteed departure from 3 persons, or 2 pers with overcost.

Ski level required : off-piste experience mandatory

Backcountry ski day

Good slopes, good food: a good programme… Why not for me too?

Ski off-piste + 3 Valleys = 2 reasons to explore this exceptional resort!
With the Meribel guides, off-piste touring, and the classic routes of Bellevilles, Meribel or Courchevel.

After a great morning spent skiing secret slopes where we leave our tracks far from everything, a delicious meal, in a carefully chosen venue, will reinvigorate us. The return to Meribel in the afternoon will be far off the beaten track.
The purest skiing pleasure awaits us! And, if you are a little apprehensive, we can help you to adapt and improve to overcome this feeling.
We might walk for half an hour (more or less!) to discover a more remote valley where the skiing is better.

In Practice: This ski off-piste day is offered to all skiers of class 3 ability and above with wider skis adapted to powder. Before setting off, your guide will provide the necessary safety gear: the indispensable trio of “shovel, probe and avalanche beacon”. You should bring a small backpack with a bottle of water and snacks. We can lend you a backpack if needed.

Ski level required : black slope.

Ski touring day

I dream of putting on skins to get off the beaten path !

Yes, escaping from the daily routine is possible!

For a long time alpine skiing has been the king of mountain winter sports. But, we must admit, ski touring is the best method for reaching the most isolated spots, and the most secret. You will be quickly seduced by the spirit of “discovery”, by the savage beauty of the wild spaces, which it allows us to access. Certainly, ski touring requires “effort” and “stretching your limits” but it is well rewarded with untracked skiing, a generous quota of unspoilt nature and the strong emotions of discovering new places.

Obviously, freedom should not mean the absence of safety!
Whenever you say “natural environment” there is some risk involved. A certain amount of knowledge is required, and we would go even further and say that some “familiarity” with the surroundings are needed to judge the level of risk on a given route. The practice of ski touring requires, among other skills, a minimum of technique in order to reach the summits safely. If you have any doubt in your abilities, hiring a mountain guide is simply the best solution.

Our valley, a vast area, is also spectacular and it is perfectly adapted to this sport: It is simply waiting to be discovered… by you!

Ski level required : black piste

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Ice fall climbing

Price indicated for 1 to 4 people, for half day climbing on Champagny artificial ice tower.
We limit our groups to 4 people maximum for safety reasons. Beyond a second guide will be necessary.

If climbing on natural icefall (multi pitches), it’s full day : Mône, Daille, Brévières etc : 230€/pax if 2 people, 460€/pax if alone.

Ice fall climbing, what is this ? It’s climbing with ice axes and crampons on frozen waterfalls. This activity, borned in 70’s, has evoluaed a lot with new equipment technologies, and new activity as “dry tooling”. Today it’s playful activity, inspired a lot by rock climbing body language. Every body can try it, from 12 years old.

We have a chance in Meribel, we’re close to one of most famous artificial ice tower, situated in Champagny le Haut, ab 30mn by car from Meribel. This tower, with 22m high, propose different runs, easy to expert. You can forecast a half day for initiate yourself on ice climbing. If you enjoy it, we can propose you to climb a “true” natural ice fall with further pithces in a raw : emotions guaranteed !


Ice fall climbing is directly linked to the ice fall conditions, please contact our office for booking. The price for the Champagny artificial ice tower is 370€ for 1 thru 4 participants. You can nevertheless book through the following form, your request will be registered but paiement will be done through our office, following mode of paiement that we will communicate to you when contacted by phone or email. Thank you. 

Magical Gébroulaz

The Gébroulaz glacier is to Vanoise what the Vallée Blanche is to Chamonix : a wonderful place to discover glacier skiing !

A magical ski experience, on soft untracked slopes, in the middle of an incredible landscape !

From Méribel, we’ll take the ski lifts to reach the top of Val Thorens. We will then skin up for 2 hours to the Gébroulaz pass high up at over 3400m of elevation, where a well deserved break will preceed a highly enjoyable glacier descent into the wild.

Three options are offered to us:

  • For easy slope lovers, we will glide through great landscapes towards the Tueda lake in Méribel Mottaret, in the heart of the Tueda Natural Park.
  • For the more athletic it’s possible to go down on the Glacier and skin back up to the Glacier du Borgne. From there we’ll ski back down to Méribel Mottaret.
  • The nicest option, the “guide’s favorite”, is to join the typical village of Pralognan. This route is the most exceptional for its marvellous landscapes and slopes. A taxi will take us back to the 3 Valleys, a day you will never forget !

Required ski level: advanced to expert off piste skier, off-piste skiing experience is required.

Overnight in a mountain hut (2 days)

Spend unforgettable night in a secluded mountain hut in the heart of the “3 Vallées” ski resort : take time to enjoy simple things: watching the sun go down in the valley, star gazing, listening to the silence…

We shall begin the day discovering the most beautiful off-piste runs of the 3 Valleys, either directly from Méribel, or Courchevel. The Col du Fruit, Vallées des Avals, Dos de Cret Voland and many others. Then we’ll make a little physical effort to earn a great reward: skiing into the wild away from the crowded ski lifts. We’ll end up in a confortable secluded hut at the end of the afternoon. Little by little the noise and light of the resort fades away, and we remain alone in mountain for the night. An experience you won’t forget !

After a great breakfast in the mountains at our hut, we will hop on our skis to enjoy another freeride day !

You can ski with your normal skis, or with ski touring equipment if you want wish to hike a bit more a bit to enjoy even more this wild resort.

Required ski level: black slope, or off-piste experience.

Price : from 403€ per person.

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Freeride discovery (3 days)

3 days off-piste skiing with a mountain guide to discover the world’s largest ski resort !

We’ll ski together the most beautiful 3 Vallées off-piste ski runs, between Méribel, Courchevel and Val Thorens : Avals valley, Borgne glacier, Geffriand, Polset pass and many more !

Ski touring is the “queen” of ski activity, wich allows us to be alone in wild spots, or find the best snow conditions ! We advise you bring along skitouring gear if you own it, or rent it in Méribel (easy at our partners’ shops, Prosneiges and Skiset). If you wish not to, we’ll manage with your piste-skis, we’ll just have to hike a bit to reach nices runs in a quiet environment (20 min or more).

Our mountain guide will of course adapt the program to your ski and fitness level.

You will enjoy 3 Vallées ski resort differently, following the path of our expert mountain guides who know the resort like no other.

We hope to see you soon on skis !

Required ski level: from “off pist beginner” (ski slope level=black slope), to expert.

Price : from 607€ per person

Freeride Plus (5 days)

5 amazing days to enjoy the best the 3 Vallées have to offer, and discover another mythical ski resort, Paradiski (La Plagne-Les Arcs)!

Included in the program: several mythical ski runs : Gébroulaz glacier, St André, Encombres valley, Bellecôte North face, and many more.

Ski traineeship for people who want to “eat powder” and discover the other side of 3 Vallées, far away from crowded slopes.

We’ll need ski touring equipment, you can easily rent it in Meribel at our partners’ ski shop Prosneiges and Skiset.

Your mountain guide will make sure your group makes the best of snow conditions, for your biggest pleasure.

Required ski level: advanced to “expert” off piste skier (off-piste experience required),

Price : from 1015€/person


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3 Valleys Ski guiding day (on slopes)

A wonderful day to discover the world’s biggest ski resort, on groomed slopes only !

You wish to discover the famous “3 Vallées” ski resort ? However, you don’t really want to spend your day checking the slope-map every minute ? Nor wonder where you are ? Let us guide you to the nicest slopes of the resort, enjoy skiing and the scenery, we take care of the rest !

Program : discovery of Meribel, Courchevel and Val Thorens ski resorts by the slopes, with lunch in a restaurant we selected for you.

Required ski level: feel confortable on red slopes

Price : from 199€ per person


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