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Ice fall climbing


Price indicated for 1 to 4 people, for half day climbing on Champagny artificial ice tower.
We limit our groups to 4 people maximum for safety reasons. Beyond a second guide will be necessary.

If climbing on natural icefall (multi pitches), it’s full day : Mône, Daille, Brévières etc : 230€/pax if 2 people, 460€/pax if alone.

Ice fall climbing, what is this ? It’s climbing with ice axes and crampons on frozen waterfalls. This activity, borned in 70’s, has evoluaed a lot with new equipment technologies, and new activity as “dry tooling”. Today it’s playful activity, inspired a lot by rock climbing body language. Every body can try it, from 12 years old.

We have a chance in Meribel, we’re close to one of most famous artificial ice tower, situated in Champagny le Haut, ab 30mn by car from Meribel. This tower, with 22m high, propose different runs, easy to expert. You can forecast a half day for initiate yourself on ice climbing. If you enjoy it, we can propose you to climb a “true” natural ice fall with further pithces in a raw : emotions guaranteed !